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Useful Information

Useful Information

Trip distance and duration:

  • April, May, June, September and autumn break: 12 miles return (track length = 6 miles)
  • July and August: 10 miles return (track length = 5 miles)

Fixed departure times

The route is generally shaded and in open country. It passes through woodland and farmland

Number of people per rail bike: 2 to 5 (if at least 1 of the 5 people is under the age of 12)

One adult must be present on the rail bike at all times

Children aged 8 and over can 'pedal' (adjustable seats)

Riding a rail bike is not recommended for pregnant women, babies under 6 months old and those suffering from heart or lung conditions

Reception area and gift shop. Cold drinks dispenser available

Free parking

Picnicking possible at the centre (5 picnic tables)

We recommend that you wear clothing which is suitable for riding a rail bike: sturdy shoes or trainers, loose comfortable clothing and a hat/baseball cap

Any member of a group who arrives after the departure time for the rail bike rides will be refused admission out of respect for all our other rail bike users

TO ENSURE AN ENJOYABLE RAIL BIKE RIDE it is vital that you follow the 11 basic rules and safety requirements below:


1 - YOU MUST STOP AT THE STOP SIGNS. Everyone must get down off the rail bike (except those with reduced mobility). Check the road is clear of traffic and cross over – one rail bike at a time. Road users have right of way, so be extremely careful!

2 - The rail bike is under the sole responsibility of the ADULTS in the party: adults must see to it that CHILDREN on the rail bike are safe. At least one adult must be present on the rail bike at all times.


3 - At level crossing n°10, carefully follow the instructions at your disposal. Wait for the pedestrian light to turn green.


4 - Be extra careful each time you reach the barriers at a level crossing (put on the brakes as soon as you see the stop signs). An adult (or more if necessary) should raise the barrier and hold it in position until the rail bike is safely across. A child should never be allowed to raise the barrier.


5 - During the trip, the rail bike should stay on the railway tracks at all times.

6 - The minimum safety distance between two rail bikes is 50 metres. Please respect this distance at all times.

7 - It is forbidden to ride a rail bike whilst standing. A rail bike is NOT a bumper car!


8 - In the event of thunder and lightning, please get down off the rail bike and move to a safe distance from the railway track. When it is raining, please increase safety and braking distances. Should Météo France issue an orange or a red alert warning, Vélo Rail reserves the right to cancel all rail bike trips for safety reasons.


9 - If your rental period overruns, you will be liable to pay an additional charge based on the hourly rental rate.


10 - The Vélo Rail route runs through a natural green space, so we request that you respect this at all times. A bin (black container) is available on each rail bike.


11 - You will be liable for any damage incurred to the property of homeowners, to the Vélo Rail site or to the equipment provided by Vélo Rail.