Do you have a question ? We’ll tell you everything before your visit. Here are the most commonly asked questions.

How many people can travel on a rail bike ?

A rail bike can take a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 5. If your party consists of 5 people, at least one person has to be a child under the age of 12. A rail bike has 2 places for people to ‘pedal’ and 2 to 3 places for passengers.

One adult must be present on each rail bike at all times.

Do we have to book ?

YES. There are two ways you can book:

– on our website (recommended) by pre-booking (pay on the day you come to Vélo Rail) or by booking directly (pay online).

– by phone at 00332 5154 7999 during Vélo Rail office hours.

Is there any car park ?

A free car park opposite the station is open to Vélo Rail users.

Is the price per person ?

NO. The price you pay is for the rail bike rental. It doesn’t matter how many people are in your group (5 people maximum).

How long does the rail bike ride last ?

The length of the ride is 1h45 for a 8,6 mile round trip.

Are animals allowed ?

NO, for safety reasons.

Is there a picnic area ?

YES. There are 5 tables at the Vélo Rail centre. There are also picnic tables in a leafy space at the castle of Commequiers, just over a mile away.

Can I do this activity if it rains ?

If it rains, the rides are possible. Bring rainwear.

Can I do this activity in a heatwave?

In case of heatwave, for safety reasons, the rides may be cancelled. Contact us.

Do the railbikes operate in stormy weather ?

In the interests of safety, we reserve the right to cancel your railbike trip in the event of an orange or red weather warning issued by Météo France.

Can we cancel our railbike trip ?

If you cannot postpone your trip to a later date, we will refund you within 2 months for cancellations due to:

– orange or red storm warnings

– a technical incident on the railway

– a technical problem with your railbike during the trip

– illness (only on presentation of a medical certificate)

No refunds will be made on bookings cancelled within 48 hours of the reserved slot.

What payment methods are accepted ?

Cash, cheque, bank cards and French holiday vouchers (but no change is given for the latter).

Is any specific gear required ?

YES! You must wear trainer-type footwear and carry warm, waterproof clothing in order to be prepared for the onset of rain or a drop in temperature. Flip-flops and open sandals should be avoided. Remember to bring a sun hat in case of sunny weather and enough water to keep you hydrated during the 14km trip.

Rain ponchos, umbrellas, sun hats and sunglasses are on sale at the Vélorail shop. An automatic drinks dispenser is also at the disposal of visitors.

I am alone with my 5-year-old child. Is this activity suitable for us ?

NO. Each railbike is pedalled by 2 people. The pedalling seats are suitable for adults and children of at least 8 years of age (or at least 1.4 metres tall). The railbike trip is not recommended for one adult travelling alone. The draisine should be ridden with a second person aged 8 or above, or at least 1.4 metres tall, who is capable of pedalling for 2 hours.

Can I go railbiking if I’m pregnant ?

This activity is not allowed for pregnant women.

Can I go railbiking if I have health issues ?

Pedalling activities such as this challenging ride are not allowed for people suffering from a heart condition or respiratory problems.

Can I take my baby (under one year old) railbiking with me ?

Babies under 1 year old are not allowed to ride.