What is the Rail Bike ?

A rail bike is like a pedal boat on wheels, which makes it better than a bicycle and bigger than a tandem. It’s also an unusual way to spend a great time in a pleasant environment.

It’s an opportunity to discover the countryside around Saint Gilles Croix de Vie.
You can enjoy rail bike riding with family and friends on the 6 mile railway track between Commequiers and Coëx.

Vélo Rail has 20 rail bikes, each of which can take 2 to 4 people at a time (5 if the party includes a child under the age of 12).

Two people use their muscle strength to power the vehicle. Are you ready to hop aboard an alternative type of transport?


A rail bike was designed to be a light self-propelled vehicle which could travel on a railway line. It was used for maintenance work, track surveillance, and transporting technicians and equipment that were vital in keeping the line fully operational.

Dogs are not allowed for safety reasons !


  • 8,6 miles return (track length = 4,3 miles)
  • 2 hours trip
  • Fixed departure times

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