A must-see in the Pays de Saint Gilles region

Less than 2 kilometres away from the railbike track, venture off to admire the castle ruins of Commequiers. Take the time to enjoy beautiful walks, visit the magnificent park and let the children have fun in the play area.

This octagonal castle with 8 towers and thick curtain walls is said to have been designed like the Bastille.


The castle was built by Louis de Beaumont, lord of Le Plessis-Macé in the Anjou region, during the second half of the 15th and the 16th century. Like most castles in Lower Poitou, it was dismantled on the orders of Cardinal Richelieu in 1628, six years after the defeat of Soubise in Notre Dame de Riez and Saint Gilles.

At the time, the castle was owned by the “La Trémoille”, a family of powerful Protestant lords.

During the Middle Ages, the lords of Commequiers had great administrative and jurisdictional influence over a very wide territory.

This historical gem has been the property of the Commequiers council since 1974.


Every year on 13th July, a fabulous fireworks display takes place above the castle ruins.

On the first weekend of August, the Médiévales festival brings the castle back to life, with equestrian tournaments, archery battles, sword fights, walkabouts by troubadours and minstrels, and various demonstrations of ancient trades.

Access to the Commequiers Castle site is free of charge.

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to enter the castle enclosure.